WAIT - Limited space available to work with me directly...

Watch the video below to learn more about my personal skype sessions.

Feel like you need some one on one attention when it comes to making your space a money magnet?

I'm offering personal Skype Feng Shui consults to students of Feng Shui for Financial Freedom. This service is not offered to the general public. You'll send me a floor plan of your home ahead of time, as well as your answers to a couple of prep questions. Then, we'll hop on Skype together and you'll take me on a tour of your home.

I'll identify any money blocks (or other energetic blocks) you have in your home and make suggestions for how you can rearrange to fix them. I'll also answer any questions you have about your layout, color choices, or any feng shui implementation you've done that you're unsure about.

You can feel free to record the session to keep for future reference. With our powers combined you'll have free flowing financial channels in no time!

This service is $1,000 for a 1-hour consult if you grab it now. It will be available to you as a Feng Shui for Financial Freedom alum should you decide to book it later for $1,500.

Looking forward to meeting you for our private session!