Stop Losing Money With These Feng Shui Mistakes...

Unlock your "money mojo" with these simple tricks in your home or office.

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Mistake #1: CLUTTER!

Just like those cobwebs will block the way that you move and see, clutter will block the energetic flow in your space. And just what is energetic flow responsible for? Everything good!

Without a healthy flow of energy, you will slow down or flat out block new opportunities, business contacts, inquiries, connections, and growth. Your money (and life) will approach a standstill.

Not only that, but you will FEEL it. The moment you eliminate clutter, your space will feel lighter. Have you ever decided to randomly clean out your junk drawer, and suddenly felt like a weight was lifted from you? That’s energy!

The simple act of releasing clutter is signaling to the universe that you are ready to let go of what you don’t need and what doesn’t work for you. It also says that​ you are ready for more of what you truly desire. Hello abundance!

Next level Feng Shui tip: make sure you clear the CLUTTER in your WEALTH & PROSPERITY corner!!!​ Is there anything in there that you no longer need? Whether it’s paper or clothes, what’s taking up physical space is also taking up energetic space in your life. And that’s the space that money wants to flow into ­so make room for it!

Note: Your Wealth & Prosperity corner is the back left quadrant of your home in relationship to your front door. Here’s a diagram to help you figure it out:

Mistake #2: NOT sitting in the POWER POSITION!

Most people don’t consider the position of their chair when they set up their office (at home or at work). This creates a big problem if you’re facing the wrong way because it will block new opportunities and abundance.

I invite you to check out where your chair is right now and make sure it’s facing the doorway. When you turn your eyes, heart, and attention towards what’s coming in, you are sending the message that you’re OPEN to new people, experiences, opportunities, and abundance.

Not only that, but you’ll feel more powerful. Have you ever tried sitting with your back to the door? That feeling when you’re not sure of what’s creeping up behind you can be immensely unnerving. Once you allow yourself to face your life, work, and contacts head on, you’ll feel more grounded, easeful and empowered. This position tells the universe: I am open and ready for anything that comes my way!

So shift your seat to the power position, and watch how your energy, life, and abundance changes for the better!

I just know that these TWO BIG TIPS will start turning your space into a MONEY MAGNET, and therefore make a huge impact on your abundance.

And, if you want more, I’ve got over FIVE others in my course Feng Shui for Financial Freedom that I would love to share with you.

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