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Barbara Stanny
Author of Sacred Success

I had the great fortune of having Kate Feng Shui my house a few years ago. She was amazing. I made all the changes she suggested…most of them were small and easy to do.  However, the best part—once I properly set up all my wealth corners (I have a 3 story house), I have consistently made more money. A lot more money. Was it the Feng Shui? I have to believe it definitely contributed to my success, because I really didn’t change anything else regarding the services I offered or the prices I charged. I’m a BIG believer in Feng Shui!! I can’t imagine anyone better than Kate!”

Imagine generating more money simply from rearranging the space in your home or office.  (Or even just your desktop.)

It might sound like a fantasy, but it’s not.

It’s exactly what happens when you use Feng Shui principles to improve the energetic flow of your environment.

You’re savvy enough to know that energy is powerful and can impact your health and wellbeing.

Well the thing is: it also impacts your finances.

If you have blocked energy in your living or work space, it slows down your financial flow. Fact.

And there is nothing abundant, exciting or fun about that.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely experiencing some financial frustrations already.

You’re likely feeling stuck, stagnant, or stifled about your money situation. Like you’re doing everything right, loving your money up (and regularly) but it’s still not flowing as freely as you’d like it to.

Yes, Count Me In For The Course

Maybe You're...

  • In need of an energetic shakeup because you just know the way you’ve been working (and working and working) isn’t getting you the results you want
  • Weighed down by an anchor of debt that won’t budge no matter how hard you hustle
  • Aware that you have some money blocks that need moving, but aren’t quite sure how to start
  • Dissatisfied with how your life or work space feels but you don’t have the time or money to devote to a huge redesign
  • Exhausted at the end of the day because no matter how much money flows in, it just never seems like enough

You just want to feel free, expansive, and at ease with your finances.

You just want to work and live with a clear mind and positive attitude and in a space that is enhanced to support that.

I totally get it, because I’ve helped so many clients with just this.

What most people don’t know about me is that when I was living in New York City, I worked as a Feng Shui Consultant. (It’s true!) I had a slew of clients with various problems that they wanted to solve with Feng Shui.

What the Feng Shui?

Okay, let me explain.

In case you’re wondering, Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement.

It works to optimize the flow of chi (a.k.a. energy) and what’s really cool about it is: it can be used in any space to enhance any area of your life that you choose!

The downside of these endless possibilities is that it’s soooo easy to get overwhelmed by all of the areas of your life you want to enhance!

As a Feng Shui practitioner, so many of my clients were just like you: they wanted to solve everything at once. And the truth is: you just can’t. Once I helped them hone in on one area, like abundance, the work became extremely powerful.

And by powerful, I mean I witnessed my clients receive new job offers (for more money), change careers (successfully), attain lucrative severance packages (from positions they were happy to leave), and get unexpected checks in the mail from tax refunds they didn’t even know were coming! I already knew about the power of Feng Shui from my own experience, but these results still blew me away.

Because of this personal experience and what I’ve witnessed with clients, I know that there are so many simple solutions for money blocks that Feng Shui offers.

So I’ve made the wisdom of Feng Shui easily accessible for you!

Introducing: Feng Shui For Financial Freedom

An exclusive course and complementary guide to help you bring the power of energetic flow and infinite abundance into your life.

Here’s what you’ll get from this wealth-wielding course!

  • 8 easy-to-follow videos
  • 1 clear, simple 8-step guidebook
  • 7 user-friendly cheat sheets
  • 6 value-packed bonuses
  • Library of simple tips and tricks that you can refer to again and again so whenever you want a quick Feng Shui pick me up, you’ve got one
  • Simple suggestions on arranging future spaces, so if you do redecorate or are planning a move, you’re always prepared
  • The Top Feng Shui No-Nos that are blocking your abundance so you can move them out of your way and invite more wealth immediately
  • Targeted strategies for decluttering so you can eliminate the overwhelm and drive dollars right to you
  • Placement guidelines for furniture, art and decor so you know just what to do to promote prosperity and enhance the energy in your home and office
  • Actionable advice on what area of your home needs the most attention now, so you can get results and experience the energetic shifts faster
  • Personal takeaway guide to help with your Feng Shui makeover so you’ll know exactly what to do when you start rearranging
  • An online community to connect with other Feng Shui for Financial Freedom students to share your insights and successes
Yes, Count Me In For The Course

And most importantly?


You’ll know just what to do right away.
You won’t be left scratching your head or overwhelmed.
Actually, you will probably want to pause the course after only a few moments because you’ll have ideas on what to do so quickly!

This course is perfect for you if:

You’re not quite sure how Feng Shui works, but you just know that your living or work space could use an overhaul. 

Maybe your space just feels stuffy or you don’t enjoy being there. Something about the space makes your skin crawl and you can’t quite put your finger on it. Guess what? That’s energy! I believe that you deserve to live and work in a space that feels delightful and energizing to you. Because you know what happens then? You work smarter, faster, and better. You do work that you’re excited about and proud of and that is a huge money maker. So maybe you’re not sure about all this “chi” stuff, and that’s okay. Trust me, you’ll walk away with knowledge that is bound to positively impact your workflow, one way or another.

You’ve heard of Feng Shui and have read (or, errrr, started) a few books on the topic but they were just too confusing or overwhelming to implement. 

I totally hear you and this is just where many of my clients struggled as well. What’s great about this course is it won’t overload you with too much information that you don’t need. You’ll get simple and specific solutions to power up your prosperity with no unnecessary excess. After all, you don’t have time to waste! So let’s get right down to business and make your space a money magnet immediately.

You’ve considered hiring a Feng Shui consultant, but don’t really have enough extra income (or time) to commit to that right now. 

Perfect! This is the ideal option for you because it’s budget friendly and easy to implement. You won’t need to spend thousands on a consultation that will take days to schedule and weeks to see results. All you need is one hour with me and you’ll know exactly what to do to enhance your abundance for life.

Feng Shui for Financial Freedom provides simple solutions to remove your money blocks and attract more abundance into your life immediately.

Use code: SPRING for 15% off.

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Yes, Count Me In For The Course

"I de­cluttered the kitchen cabinets in our money corner based on one of your videos, and THE NEXT DAY I got paid for an outstanding invoice ­­and​ they accidentally doubled the amount! And, I got to keep it against upcoming work! This was days before Christmas ­­ so merry Christmas to me! My husband also had a sweet 6­-month retainer renewed. Overall, that means $167,000 is flowing our way as a result of ​Feng Shui for Financial Freedom​. Thank you for sharing the info and the inspiration!"

Kate Hanley

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  • You can download your guide, watch the course, and gain infinite income insights and money makeover methods.
  • You can start applying actionable strategies to attract abundance today!
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Just click above for immediate Feng Shui tips to attract abundance.

Claire Meredith

"I haven't even started the course yet, and I've already had more freelance work come in, invoices being paid really fast, more twitter followers, unexpected cash gifts, money back from swapping a new top I was given, free meals, beneficial exchange rates and a relationship with a new potential client!​ Last week, I implemented the two free steps: turned my desk around to face the door and cleared the clutter. These alone resulted in me getting some more freelance work. Today I sent an invoice out, and the money has been paid into my account already! ” ­

"I cannot believe what just happened!! I just checked my bank balance after purchasing this course. I haven't even LOGGED IN yet, and there is $500 extra in my checking account​!!!!!! The bank made a mistake and the online register was incorrect the last time I checked it. A "mistake" in my favor!! (Truly, you must know, I don't believe in mistakes at all!) Thank the Universe! Obviously, just my intention of making this shift is releasing some blocks already." ­

Amy Colburn

Elizabeth Holmes

"I'd just enhanced my wealth bagua three weeks before, so I knew that
changes were coming. They started with a real estate sale for my family
trust that resulted in 13 offers (after only one week), and culminated in a
bidding war that drove the price up 21% and settled with a super-quick,
six-day, full-cash escrow of over $2 million. I thought this was the end
of it, but as I've explained above, there was more to come.

Feng shui often works this way for me. I get clear on a new intention, I
freshen up the relevant bagua direction, sometimes I put a cure in place,
then I wait for "marching orders." Sometimes the results are immediately
pleasant, sometimes there's work to do. In this case, I got both.
Fortunately, I'd also enhanced my mentor (wisdom) bagua, so help arrived
just when I needed it most."

“Working through the course, I learned about and then implemented the following: I fixed 2 clocks, decluttered more, ordered a fountain pump for a DIY fountain and made sure my doors can open all the way to let the wealth in. Since starting, I got an email that another person is considering hiring me as their Life Coach! ​Coincidence? I think not! Every bit is working!!" ­

Sarah Mitchell

Diana Dorell

"OMG. I decluttered like there's no tomorrow and repositioned my desk to be in the "power" position. No joke -­ I found $9 in change, was gifted $2450 from a friend’s account that was closing, and received $200 cash.​  All unexpected and all in less than 12 hours from cleaning up the prosperity corner of the room. All I can say is WOW! I am open to receiving! Thank you Universe and Kate Northrup!" ­

"I had been putting off "decluttering" my finances for about 2 years. Today I went through and cleared out all those pesky little auto­debits from subscriptions and old projects. I also went and cleaned up an old stagnant business account and I literally found $360 sitting there in unclaimed funds!​ I can already feel the financial energy flowing better. Thanks, Kate!" ­

Dr. Sue Crockett

Yes, I'm ready to get started now!

When you purchase Feng Shui for Financial Freedom you’ll also get these
prosperity-inducing bonuses (over $500 in value):

-10 Tips for Creating Beauty in Your Space by interior design extraordinaire Jessica Laine

-Making Your Home Your Personal Paradise, a Feng Shui conversation with Terah Kathryn Collins, create of the Western School of Feng Shui and Kate Northrup

-Money Love for Business Owners, a digital course in taking exquisite care of your money when you’re running the show by Kate Northrup

-Setting Yourself Up for Freedom, Not Burnout, a digital course that gives you the foundation for a freedom mindset so you can create freedom in your daily reality, by Kate Northrup

-Subtraction Project Boot Camp, 30 Day Getting Started Guide to a Life That Adds Up by
Cass McCrory

- Wild Soul Movement - This video is designed to be your road map to loving, understanding and accepting your whole self by Liz DiAlto.

-Feng Shui Hand Holding Implementation Q+A  by Kate Northrup

Now, this course may not be for you if:

  • You’re expecting money to fall from the sky. (That would be cool, right?) While this work can be pretty miraculous, I can’t make that happen! Not yet, anyway… What I can guarantee is that if you do apply these practices, you will finally start to love the way your home or office feels. And that is very good for business!
  • You’re not willing to do the work. Unfortunately, just buying the course won’t win you any wealth! You’ll need to actually utilize my tips and apply your own effort, intention, elbow grease, and patience to experience the benefits.
  • You don’t believe that your environment impacts your energy or money matters. If this is what you believe than no amount of moving your furniture around will help you. Your intention is a strong component of what works here, so please only purchase this product if you believe it can help you!
  • You're already a Feng Shui expert. While this course goes deeply into the specifics of how to enhance your space to attract more prosperity, it isn't an advanced Feng Shui course. If you can draw the Bagua Map from your memory, you know exactly how the 5 Elements balance each other, you have the yin/yang of interior space down pat, and you can easily tell me 10 chi enhancers, this is not the course for you.

I know it can, but you have to know it too!
If you are ready to learn and implement these age old techniques to rapidly shift the energy and abundance in your life...
I look forward to sharing this wisdom with you!

P.S. I’m so confident that this course will inspire you to shift your success immediately, that I’m offering a Money Back Guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with the course, you can receive a full refund (minus a $7 processing fee) within 7 days of purchase. So, what do you have to lose except the exhausting stagnant energy that’s holding you back?

Yes, Count Me In For The Course

Laura Garnett
Speaker & Consultant

"Kate’s Feng Shui consultation literally changed my life. I had been living in my one bedroom NYC apartment for 5 years with my furniture situated in the only way I thought it would all fit. Kate made a few big suggestions that instantly made my apartment feel like a brand new place. Not only did the perceived size double but the energy in the room dramatically shifted. Every visitor that had seen my place before commented that my place was totally transformed. Kate’s suggestions are not only esthetically pleasing but also transform the feeling and energy of the space. Kate’s natural genius of lifting the energy where ever she goes comes through clearly.”

“Applying the principle of living with what you love and letting go of the rest, Kate helped me focus on beauty and meaning of objects in my home.  Her practical approach to balancing materials, shapes, and color helped me put surroundings in harmony with my life.”

Donna Roche
New York, NY

Steve J. Tangredi

"I'm really into Feng Shui for Financial Freedom. Last month after I made some of the changes...$20K extra production. Also my daily production is growing.

Yes, Count Me In For The Course

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